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Island Fit: Strength training

Strength training is, and its necessity is not, exclusive to bodybuilders or those whose sole purpose is to increase muscle size. Every healthy person who strives for a long life free of pain and complication should include some strength training in their exercise regimen. Read more >> about Island Fit: Strength training

Island Fit: The Squat

There are a myriad of tasks that a person who calls themselves healthy can perform. Squatting is one of them. Now I'm not talking about slapping a heavy barbell across your back and squatting (though that does provide immense health benefits); I'm referring to a basic body weight squat. It's a very natural movement and one that Mother Nature intended for us to perform multiple times in a day, so imagine what types of mobility and flexibility issues could arise from not doing it. Read more >> about Island Fit: The Squat

Island Fit: Accountability

One of the biggest determining factors of success lies in accountability. Accountability is defined as the state of being accountable, liable or answerable. It means that somehow, someway you are presenting expectations of yourself to some other entity.

Some of us don’t need an outside source of accountability, but for the majority of us with health and fitness goals, accountability can be anything from an added bonus to a vital necessity in reaching those goals. Below are seven tips to help you and those around you to help you stay accountable. Read more >> about Island Fit: Accountability