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Aging Gracefully (or Not): Women in middle age

Aging has continued to be a rewarding and growthful journey for me with minimal preoccupation about getting older. This way of handling aging was enhanced by research I did in graduate school.

I was fortunate to have gotten my master’s degree and done the coursework for my doctorate at institutions where I studied with Clark Moustakas. Clark was one of the founders of humanistic psychology. He had come up with a design for doing research on human beings. It is called heuristic research. Read more >> about Aging Gracefully (or Not): Women in middle age

Aging Gracefully (or Not)

Welcome to my blog about aging. In this blog, I will present themes that are common to the aging process and with a personal twist. In light of the fact that the largest group in the United States right now is the Baby Boomers, aging is a topic of interest.

I began to study aging when I was getting a doctorate in clinical psychology. I wrote about it in 1987 and have continued to study, interview and journal about it ever since. I am in the midst of writing a book about it now. Read more >> about Aging Gracefully (or Not)