The Alamedan's $20,000 Challenge: Alameda Point, Explained

The Alamedan's $20,000 Challenge: Alameda Point, Explained

Michele Ellson

Today we’re kicking off our new Alameda Point Explained feature, which we hope will help guide you through what’s happening with existing businesses, toxic cleanup and future development at the Point. Today’s post walks you through the massive planning effort the city is undertaking in an effort to ready the Point for development, and we are hard at work on getting answers to the questions you’ve asked about the Point for a future post.

Alameda Point Explained is just a part of what will be a comprehensive effort to keep you up to speed on Alameda Point – an effort that will include ongoing news coverage, visuals and more. And it’s an extension of our mission to give you the information you need, in the way you need it, to engage on a critically important topic: the fate of a third of the Island.

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