Amblin’ Alameda: Overnight Rain

Amblin’ Alameda: Overnight Rain

Morton Chalfy

As a certified old geezer I belong to an international club of people who rise from their beds several times a night to visit the porcelain parsonage and commune with the spirits of their bodies. We get up to go pee.

Last night, after a light meal with friends, some wine to speed it along and a far-ranging conversation about the state of the world and the states of our relationships with our relations, we retired in a comfortable state of mind. I am long used to the nightly interruptions of sleep by the demands of my body and have learned how to go back to bed with a minimum of fuss. For one thing, I don’t want to disturb my partner’s sleep any more than has to be and for another fuss does not help one return to the arms of slumber.

Not that I try to go back to sleep. Years of experience has taught me to just lie quietly, let my mind think what it will, watch the thoughts bubble to the surface and float away, all in the sure knowledge that somewhere in there I will doze off and sink into sleep. Until the next call of the wild.

This morning, the second time I awoke, it was to the sound of rain lightly falling and more loudly, running down the drain pipes. It was a soothing sound, especially after these last three dry months, and one which began to lull me on its own. The false dawn was just brightening the sky and I lay there thinking of the earth’s rotation and the complexity of the weather and just how the water made the exact sound it does tumbling through the drain pipes and how the sky lightened imperceptibly and how cozy I was feeling … and then I awoke and it was two hours later and the sun was up.

It is excellent planning to have rain fall overnight and fade with the rising sun but alas, no amount of planning will make it happen that way every time. All the more reason to appreciate it when it does. And oh yes, one could hear the flowers rejoicing in their silent way that April did arrive with showers and didn’t fool them despite the date.