Amblin' Alameda: Charity society

Amblin' Alameda: Charity society

Morton Chalfy

The weather has been wonderful this past week: warm days, cool nights, slightly foggy mornings, just bliss. Of course, it would be here in Alameda, the very center of the old philosopher's Golden Mean. Not too much, not too little, but just right! Come to think of it that's Goldilocks' standard as well. Nothing like being in the company of a world famous young woman.

All week long as we went from here to there, running errands, seeing health professionals, dining with friends, it's been done against a backdrop of this beautiful weather. So whatever the emotion, we can be sure that the visuals were stunning.

Granddaughter has been at camp for two weeks with one left to go, so Nama is filling the time by preparing and sending care packages filled with notes and tchotchkes and love guarding against being forgotten. To which I say, as if, since there's zero chance of that sort of lapse of memory.

On the subject of grandchildren, I've been prodding my 14-year-old grandson to send me stuff in writing so we can correspond. His preferred method of communication is texting, but in a burst of good feeling he has sent me two e-mails (so far) and educated me on the passage of time and the flow of language.

English has been overtaken by Twitter-speak, (u for you, r for are, cu for see you, etc.) and my grandson is right in the heart of it. His e-mails read like tweets and - here's the scary part - I had no trouble reading or understanding him at all. Clearly the sweep of the languages currents have carried us past the English of Lit 101 into the realm of lol, wtf and who's your daddy. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Sunday was the topper: another lovely day, with an outing to Alameda Point to attend the Meals on Wheels fundraiser. The weather was perfect, albeit a tad on the hot side. The location has plenty of parking and the giant room in which the event was held was filled with fellow Alamedans. There were tastes of food from local restaurants, sips of wine from the winemakers of Spirits Alley (and perhaps other places as well), lots of silent auction items and a band playing in the alcove.

The aisles were crowded with eaters, drinkers (make that sippers) and schmoozers meeting and greeting each other and having a merry old time. I think it's a great way to hold a fundraiser. People pay to eat and drink a little, the merchants give the samples away as a form of advertising and Meals on Wheels, that most deserving of organizations, gets a lot of funding to continue serving shut-in seniors nutritious meals and a visit from a kind person at least once a day. Good for Alameda.