Amblin' Alameda: Modeling

Amblin' Alameda: Modeling

Morton Chalfy

It was social week in Alameda for me last week, and it came about in totally unexpected ways. To begin with: I had accepted a job as a model, one of a dozen people asked to portray a group of "active seniors" in various settings. Easy work, reasonable pay, and the request of a dear friend.

I showed up not knowing what I had let myself in for and found an eclectic group of interesting people, far more interesting than anyone had a right to expect. None of us were professionals, though one strikingly handsome woman had done modeling earlier in her life. The setting was comfortable and there was a lot of time between shots while the photographer/auteur arranged things. That time was quite naturally filled with chatting with your neighbors in the scene and resulted in several amusing and interesting exchanges.

Looking around the room, at times, it was more like a party than a workplace. The scenes kept mixing us up, placing each of us with a new group for a new shot and giving us all a chance to get acquainted with another set of people. As a social mixer it was far superior to the usual wine bar stand-around one is ordinarily exposed to.

That was Day One.

Day Two was held in another facility and continued the mixing process until we had all been grouped with everyone else at least once. Day One had included dogs; Day Two included a couple of children. Both dogs and children provided focus and subject for the ongoing mixing. Everyone had children or grandchildren or dogs or had been a child once, so the grounds for conversation were numerous.

I'm not sure if any lasting friendships were formed in the two days we were there, but there are several people I will greet with a big smile the next time I run into them around town and I do know that many names and e-mail addresses were exchanged.

One would have thought that two days of extreme socialization would have been enough for the week, but fortunately it was not so. It was our pleasure on Friday night to take a friend out to celebrate her birthday. This was a disguise for the surprise birthday party her children had planned for Saturday night - reasoning that she would count our dinner out as her only celebration.

Saturday night we gathered with some of her other friends and when her daughters escorted her into the room to cries of "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" we were all (rewarded?) by seeing her cry, just a little. The night was a suitable celebration of a long and loving life and mixed us with an entirely new group of people. Some were already known to us, some were brand new in our ken and once more there was plenty of time to converse and connect, this time with the aid of some wine.

The scenes of socializing take place all over the world all the time, but I can't help thinking that the quality of the people one meets in Alameda rivals that of people anywhere: intelligent, caring, aware, sensitive and friendly. It does make for a lovely town when one can meet two dozen new people, mingle with them, share food and drink with them and come away feeling enriched and happy to be counted among this fortunate group ... residents of Alameda.


Submitted by Rose Mark (not verified) on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

You couldn't have described those two days any better. I was one of the "models" that day and it was absolutely stimulating, delightful and inspiring to have the opportunity to converse with seniors with such vitality,
wisdom and varied interest.

As relative newcomers to Alameda, my husband Larry and I have loved meeting and chatting with folks on our walks with our dog Maggie. This is such an absolutely friendly town and we love every day meeting people here.