Bay Farm Blog: An introduction

Bay Farm Blog: An introduction

Bill Pai

The Chuck Corica Golf Complex is irrigated with recycled water. Photo by Dave Boitano.

Welcome to the first post for my new blog for The Alamedan, one that offers news from Bay Farm Island. Living here since 2001, I have come to love and cherish this corner of the universe and consider it unique, perhaps even special.

It is my intent to use this forum to cover topics of interest to our residents and those on the main Island of Alameda.


Due to the severe drought conditions that persist in California, as of April 14 the median strips running along the major roads in the community are no longer being watered. The foliage on those strips is turning brown as a result, and there is currently no timetable for when watering will resume.

Given that the grounds of the Chuck Corica Golf Complex are maintained using recycled water, it is reasonable to wonder why that option could not be used for the median strips and possibly other purposes as well. Contacted by the staff of the Community of Harbor Bay Isle Owners Association (CHBIOA), the city’s public works supervisor, Todd Williams, responded:

As far as the recycled water, yes the golf course does have recycled water. But in order for the recycled water to get to the medians on say Robert Davey Jr., Mecartney or Island Drive, we would not only have to obtain an additional permit as that water is only permitted to be used at the golf course but it would also mean having the construction funding to do so.

So it appears that using recycled water to maintain the median strips will not be possible in the near future, given the issues that need to be resolved in order to make that happen. Should the drought persist, the urgent need to reduce water consumption and find alternative sources will continue.

Should The Alamedan continue publication after the departure next month of our editor, Michele Ellson, this blog will as well. On behalf of all readers, we thank Michele for her years of service to our community, and wish her much success in the future.

It is so dry the trees are bribing the dogs. – Charles Martin

Bill Pai is president of the Community of Harbor Bay Isle Homeowners Association.