Amblin' Alameda: Hunting and gathering

Every city, Alameda very much included, can be mapped in many ways: geographical, population distribution, fauna and flora, wealth, politics and religion. Its most important map for those of us who live here, however, is its commercial one. Food is the basic imperative of life where we go to not just hunt for food but where we go to gather it. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Hunting and gathering

Running in the 'Meda: Running in hot weather

Photo by Marty Beene.

It was kind of hot here in The 'Meda earlier this week.

As those of you who actually live in Alameda already know, we don't get too many days when the temperature rises up over, say, 85 degrees. And most of those occur in the fall when our natural air conditioning (the fog) is on its annual autumn break.

For runners, heat can make training difficult. Even if it's only five degrees warmer than what we're used to, a training run can feel much harder.

So what can we do about it? Read more >> about Running in the 'Meda: Running in hot weather

Amblin' Alameda: Antioch

On Saturday morning we strolled up and down Park Street, taking in the delights of this past weekend's art and wine fair. We hugged some friends, bought a trinket and paused for the music at each end of the tent line.

There have been cavils about there not being enough art or wine at the fair, but our walls are full and our wine consumption is not what it once was, so we didn't feel any lack. One of the pleasures of life in Alameda is the number of friends one runs into in one's daily passage, and the fair is always a good place for a lot of that. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Antioch

Running in the 'Meda: When do you run?

I hate running early in the morning.

Sure, many people are just not "morning people," so it stands to reason that non-morning people might not enjoy running in the early morning.

But that's not me. I love the early morning. I wake up without an alarm at 5:30 every day and willingly get out of bed. Okay, I sleep in 'till 6:00 on some weekend days. I get up, eat breakfast (something healthy, of course), drink my coffee, read the news, and so on. And I love doing that.

But run? I don't think so. Read more >> about Running in the 'Meda: When do you run?

Amblin' Alameda: Charity society

The weather has been wonderful this past week: warm days, cool nights, slightly foggy mornings, just bliss. Of course, it would be here in Alameda, the very center of the old philosopher's Golden Mean. Not too much, not too little, but just right! Come to think of it that's Goldilocks' standard as well. Nothing like being in the company of a world famous young woman. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Charity society

Amblin' Alameda: Fog's back

Summer has definitely arrived. The marine layer lives off shore once again, and the climate has provided several days of perfection in the minds of some of us.

With the fog at hand nights are cool and eminently sleepable, mornings are pleasant with a hint of cool and then the day mellows further in "the warm California sun." This weather pattern brings a feeling of "life is good" with it and encourages stopping to smell the roses and admire the sunsets and just sit on the porch and soak in the beauty of it all. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Fog's back