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Amblin' Alameda: Kaffee Klatsch

There was a chill in the air this morning, aptly so for the first day of fall, but the rising sun held promise of another warm day. Marching down Willow to Shoreline I pass a knot of elementary school students and a few of their parents waiting to complete the group that will walk to school together. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Kaffee Klatsch

Amblin' Alameda: Greetings!

When I started out on my walk Saturday morning, I was immediately struck by the fineness of the atmosphere. The air was unusually clean after the day of smoke we had Friday, and there was the faintest hint of warmth carried on the breeze. As I marched along, conscious of working the kinks out of my back and legs, I was also conscious of the clarity of the atmosphere and the special feel of fall in the Bay Area; the beauty of Indian Summer and the promise of good weather for months. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Greetings!

Amblin' Alameda: Posey Tube

On Wednesday I read a story in the San Francisco Chronicle that caught my attention for several reasons. First because it was a story about Alameda, which is an unusual occurrence in that newspaper, and second, because of the following paragraph about the consequences of development at the Target complex and the proposed developments at Alameda Point: Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Posey Tube

Amblin' Alameda: Fall

The first official day of fall has come and it arrived in usual Bay Area fashion. The penultimate day of summer was as it should be, hot and sunny and perfectly in keeping with the season. The last day of summer was a microcosm of the autumn to come: cool, rainy, very rainy, sunny and cooler. All the characteristics of an Alameda autumn condensed into one changeable day. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Fall

Amblin’ Alameda: Home Sweet Alameda

Whew! Just back from visiting my daughter and grandson after a hiatus of nearly four years in the wilds of central Colorado, in Crestone at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains overlooking the San Luis Valley. It was a wonderful visit which enabled us to share our warm feelings for each other and for me to get to see and feel the reality of her living situation. It was special because it’s either a two day trip or one very, very long day journey. One I can’t make very often. Read more >> about Amblin’ Alameda: Home Sweet Alameda

Amblin’ Alameda: Antiques Roadshow Local

If you’re a fan of KQED’s Antiques Roadshow (and who isn’t) a trip to Michaan’s Auction House on Wednesday mornings is a chance to get a taste of the world that the show has made so famous. Wednesdays are “free appraisal” days when people can bring up to five objects to be valued by the professionals. The valuations are given verbally and so have no weight with insurance companies or others with an interest, but they are free and can serve as a fairly reliable guide if one is looking to sell or to gift. Read more >> about Amblin’ Alameda: Antiques Roadshow Local

Amblin’ Alameda: MDRA

One of the most important aspects of life in our home is the concept of MDRA: Minimum Daily Requirement of Affection. The cats, never shy about asking for what they want, can become very insistent when they want to receive theirs, often trapping us in our chairs and inserting their heads into our hands. They give as good as they get, both to us and each other, and by being so bold and unabashed in asking for it they set a good example for the rest of us. The rest of us being my sweetie and myself, neither of whom is particularly shy in asking for love. Read more >> about Amblin’ Alameda: MDRA