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Amblin’ Alameda: It’s Going Around

For the past two weeks I’ve been “nursing” my sweetie through her battle with a stubborn cold that occasions fits of deep coughing, weepy eyes, general loss of appetite and a feeling of malaise. It had hit our little family hard in her son-in-law, less hard in her grandchild and very hard in her. Not fun. We managed together to get everything done that absolutely had to be done and became adept at not doing the unnecessary. Read more >> about Amblin’ Alameda: It’s Going Around

Amblin’ Alameda: A Clean City

This morning on one of my almost-every-day walks, I followed one of my more usual paths down Willow Street to Shoreline. Passing Alameda Hospital from across the street, I noticed a small pile of papers scattered on the ground. As I strode by I began to wonder about the papers and what I had found so unusual about them when it occurred to me that their very presence on the side of the road was what made them stand out.

“That’s not like Alameda,” I thought. “This city does not litter.” Read more >> about Amblin’ Alameda: A Clean City

Amblin' Alameda: Bag Ban Fallout

We were shopping at Nob Hill, something we do when we only have a few items to buy but also have an item to be mailed, since there is almost never a line at their in-store post office. Because her knee was sore and painful on this day my partner remained in the car while I searched through the store for our needed items, and when I came out she had the following observations: Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Bag Ban Fallout

Amblin' Alameda: Wake the Dead

We just returned from a memorial service for one of my partner’s dearest friends who was killed in a freak accident at much too young an age (60). The life being celebrated was a rich and varied one as attested by the hundreds of people who attended the gathering. As is usual nowadays a large screen displayed a long loop of photos of the deceased in happier times and many of them brought tears to the eyes of the assembled watchers. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Wake the Dead

Amblin' Alameda: Brrrr!

The house we live in, like many in Alameda, just turned 100 years old and looks like it’s good for another hundred. It’s a Craftsman built in 1912 that has wood floors throughout, lovely architectural details in the most surprising places (like the window seat/storage bins in the living room) and a brick fireplace, and it is generally easy on the upkeep. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Brrrr!

Amblin' Alameda: The Coldest Night

On the coldest night in Alameda this year our furnace broke. It took a little while to realize that fact as one minute it was blowing out heated air and the next it wasn’t. Probably an hour after its malfunction, after turning up the thermostat to no avail, after complaining about the rising cold in the house, we finally realized the truth. What to do? The furnace is located beneath the house and is accessible through a crawl space, but our days of crawling about are long gone. Theoretically I could get under there and inspect things, but then what? Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: The Coldest Night