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Amblin' Alameda: Valentine's Day

I'm not sure that Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday, though I'm very conflicted about that. It's like admitting to a slightly shameful taste for fast food or bad taste in furnishings. Certainly I decry the blatant ads for jewelry and $100 bunches of roses, but I find the underlying sentiment to be totally in accord with my deepest nature. Celebrating romantic love is a good thing, I think, though focusing it all on one day is scarcely enough. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Valentine's Day

Amblin' Alameda: The rains return

It's always been “Sunny Southern California,” and that's just the natural way of things. Except for this dry winter full of sunshine and moderate temperatures when the “Southern” disappeared and the whole state basked and tanned and dried out to a fare-thee-well. But now, at last, the rains have returned. There's a long way to go before the reservoirs are filled again and Drought Emergency Measures are once more forgotten, but the rains, bless 'em, are back again. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: The rains return

Amblin' Alameda: Alameda Point

The City Council is preparing to approve a slew of planning documents that will ease future development at Alameda Point, and I'd like to toss my few pennies into the ring.

The basis of most of the suggestions from our friends and neighbors, city staff, our politicians and SunCal with its doomed plan has been, 'How can we benefit from this windfall of a property?' And benefit has been defined as making money for the city. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Alameda Point

Amblin' Alameda: Geezerhood

My sweetie and I have just finished coordinating our calendars so that we both know what we're doing and where we're going and when we're going there. We do this periodically so that one of us doesn't have to say “Aren't you ready yet?” to another, who has completely missed preparing for some important date through not having written it down in his (read: 'my') datebook. For those of us in early geezerhood, many, if not most, of our appointments are with medical personnel. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Geezerhood

Amblin' Alameda: Shopping

It's hardly any wonder that at the end of the holiday season I find myself thinking about shopping. Not thinking about going shopping but about shopping's place in our cultural and social life. When the media refer to shopping and shoppers it always seems to be in a negative way: “Shoppers arrive in hordes!” (The only other usual use of the word hordes that I'm aware of is in reference to Genghis Khan and his warriors riding out of the steppes of Asia to rape and pillage and murder. Shoppers don't deserve to be linked with that.) Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Shopping

Amblin' Alameda: This Time of Year

This is an emotional time of year, this period from Thanksgiving through the first week of the new year. Like it or not, because our society and its culture demand it, we come face to face with friends and family and how we feel about them and how we interact with them. Even with the most positive of spins it is tiring and emotionally draining to go through the Dance of the Winter Solstice. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: This Time of Year

Amblin' Alameda: 'Tis The Season

It is that time of year again, and this year we have the cold snap chilling our noses and toes to prove it. This is the time of year when all of us seem to have too much to do and too little time to do it in which makes for stressful days and late nights. Gifts to get for those doing the giving, lines at the post office to wait on, lines at the checkout counters of all the stores and the deepening lines furrowing the brows of the worriers. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: 'Tis The Season