City evicting boat yard from Alameda Point

City evicting boat yard from Alameda Point

Michele Ellson

Updated at 8:04 p.m. Tuesday, April 30

The city is seeking to evict Nelson’s Marine from its perch on Alameda Point. The sheriff’s office could padlock the boat repair yard’s gates today, the head of a nonprofit rescue group that’s based there said.

Ray Thackeray of the International Rescue Group said an attorney hired by the city e-mailed him to let him know the boat yard was being shut down and the gates locked this week.

“He did confirm that they are closing down the Nelson’s Marine facility,” Thackeray said Monday. He shared an April 26 e-mail from an attorney the city used in a previous effort to evict the boat yard that says the sheriff "is scheduled to return possession of the Premises to the City next week," though the lawyer, Kevin Montee, says in the e-mail he's not sure what day.

A city official originally confirmed the city is “in a proceeding” with Nelson’s, which rents space from the city at the Point, but wouldn’t confirm what type or why. But they provided a copy of the eviction filing late Tuesday.

“All I can say to you at this point is that we’re in a proceeding with them,” Assistant City Manager Alex Nguyen said Monday.

Nguyen wouldn’t say why the boat yard is being evicted Monday. But the eviction action he provided Tuesday, which the city filed with the Alameda County Superior Court in June, says Nelson's was found to have committed "numerous" building code violations during an inspection which weren't fixed and that the boat yard owed nearly $37,000 in storm water utility fees dating back to 2007-2008.

“There’s a slew of issues,” he said Monday.

Owner Carl Nelson didn’t return a call seeking comment.

The city’s base reuse authority, the Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority, sued Nelson’s in 2011 for nonpayment of $47,659.06 rent and sought to evict the boat yard, but the case was dismissed.

The city and the Navy signed an agreement in 2000 allowing the city to lease out Navy property at Alameda Point while the land transfer is being processed. Nelson’s inked at least one lease for Point space prior to that, in 1999, and state records show the boat yard has been in business since 1986.

In 2009, the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance sued Nelson’s, alleging the boat yard illegally discharged pollutants into San Francisco Bay. As part of the settlement, Nelson’s was to pay the group $40,000, $24,500 of which was to be paid in installments over the course of this year.

Nelson’s currently occupies a 186,872-square-foot space at the corner of Ferry Point and West Oriskany Avenue, on a 10-year lease that is set to expire in 2015. It had also leased a smaller building at Alameda Point and piers, though Nguyen said those leases weren’t extended due to default.

The boat yard once hosted the late adventurer Steve Fossett’s maxi-cat Cheyenne, and the experimental sailing hydrofoil Hydroptère, which broke a world speed record in 2009, was visible in the yard when a reporter visited Saturday.

On Monday, Thackeray was scrambling to get the rescue group’s second vessel, the Thunderbird 2, fixed up and into the water, “unfortunately a lot faster than we expected.”

“I have been working three straight days,” said Thackeray, whose group delivers doctors and other medical help in the wake of disasters.

The court case number is RG12633535.


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Submitted by Al Wright on Tue, Apr 30, 2013

Alex Nguyen is Assistant City Manager, not Assistant City Attorney

Submitted by Michele Ellson on Tue, Apr 30, 2013

Thanks Al! Will fix.

Submitted by Brooklyn (not verified) on Mon, Aug 26, 2013

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