Community Journal: My (stage) life as a four-foot-tall man

Community Journal: My (stage) life as a four-foot-tall man

Trixie Klein

Photo by Eric Braun.

So … I heard you want to know about my life as an evil, comedic, middle aged, hilarious, short man? Well, let’s get started then. First of all, Farquaad is the role of a lifetime for me. Since you don’t know me, I’ll tell you a few things about myself.

I’m 14-year-old girl and I’m going into ninth grade at Alameda High School. Musical theater is my whole life.

My main hobby is comedy, which revolves around theater and every single play I’ve ever done. This dates back to when I acted in my first play in fifth grade, “The Sound of Music.” I got the role of Max, and I remember being so confused at first as to why I got cast in a male comedic role. Then when the performances finally came and I actually turned into that middle aged man, I understood.

Ever since then I have always played evil comedic male roles. Yes, it does sound weird. But it’s what I do and who I am. As you can imagine, when I got the role of Farquaad I was OVERJOYED! All the jokes that have ever come into my mind, all the funny faces and voices that I can do, everything that I have kept to myself because I thought it was “stupid” - now I can put all of that into Farquaad. There is no limit to the comedy I can offer with the Farquaad role. My mom can’t tell me to “not overdo it,” because there is no overdoing it. I can put every single little emotion into this part. It’s a dream for me.

That said, there’s the issue of Farquaad being short, which makes this the most physically demanding part I have ever played. In order for Farquaad to be short, I have to walk on my knees. During the first week of rehearsals I was freaking out, because the knee pads I had were horrible. I went home one day and my right knee was swollen.

But by the second week, everything started to come together. I got two pairs of knee pads that worked well for me and I started to get so used to walking on my knees that it was almost normal. I adapted certain ways to move my body while on my knees and it worked. Then we had to add the little fake legs and the rest of the costume.

I want to thank TonyaMarie of Gypsy Cat Studios for making the amazing Farquaad costume. The costume includes little fake legs and silver sparkly boots. The fake legs attach to black leggings. It includes an extra pair of knee pads connected to the boots so whenever I move my knees the feet move. There is a sparkly shirt, skirt, and cape. It’s amazing!

Now the show is this weekend and I can't believe the rehearsals went by this fast. "Shrek the Musical" is by far the favorite show I have ever done and if you haven't already grasped this - FARQUAAD IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ROLE!

Please come and see "Shrek the Musical!" I guarantee you will have as much fun watching this show as I have doing it!

Performances of Tomorrow Youth Repertory's "Shrek the Musical" will take place at 7 p.m. today, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at Kofman Auditorium, 2200 Central Avenue. Tickets are $13 for adults and $7 for children, and are available online or at the door. Trixie Klein is sharing the role of Farquaad with Emily Nielsen.


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The Friday show is at 7:00 p.m.