Development Alert: Oak Street warehouse plans

Development Alert: Oak Street warehouse plans

Michele Ellson
1835 Oak Street

Plans for the site of an Oak Street warehouse once used by U.S. Steel. Image courtesy of the City of Alameda.

UPDATE: The Planning Board meeting where plans for 1835 Oak Street were to be discussed has been canceled.

In today’s alert, we’ve got details on plans for shops and townhomes in an old Oak Street warehouse, a planning extension for Mapes Ranch and the latest news about Alameda Point.

1835 Oak Street: Southern California developer City Ventures has been working with the city on a plan to tear down most of this 73-year-old warehouse and to redevelop the 2.58-acre site it sits on with 47 new two- and three-bedroom townhomes – some with “work space” inside – plus 4,860 square feet of commercial space and a 2,900-square-foot “commercial courtyard” for temporary commercial activities. Under the developer’s current plans, each of the homes would contain a one- to two-car garage, and 10 parking spaces would be available for shoppers and visitors. The city is seeking some design changes that include shorter buildings and a different design, and city staffers want the developer to eliminate the garages in favor of a common, shared parking area. They want the developer to charge residents and business owners separate fees for their parking in order to reduce car ownership of potential residents.

What’s next: The Planning Board will discuss the development proposal and proposed staff changes at its October 13 meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, and will be televised and webcast live. Decisions about the project are not slated to be made at the October 13 meeting, though the Planning Board and the Historical Advisory Board are expected to make recommendations at a future date and the City Council will decide whether to rezone the property to permit the proposed development.

More information: The staff report and exhibits, including the development proposal, are available on the city’s website. Our original story about the development is here.

Mapes Ranch: The owner of the proposed Mapes Ranch development at 2001 Versailles Avenue in Alameda is asking for an extra year to finalize a “map” that subdivides his property. The City Council approved a tentative subdivision map in 2012 that split the property into 11 lots where the owner, Clifford Mapes, hopes to build custom homes. But that approval expired this month.

What’s next: The City Council will vote Tuesday on extending its tentative map approval for the property to October 2, 2015.

More information: The staff’s recommendation to approve the extension and the developer’s one-line letter are here.

Alameda Point plans: We’ve got two news items about Alameda Point. The first is that Steeltown Winery is seeking to lease space across the street from Rock Wall Wine Company. If the City Council approves the lease – a 10-year lease with two five-year extensions is on the table – the winery will be rechristened the Building 43 Winery, after the new space. The second is that the city, with a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in hand, is seeking out a firm to develop a specific plan containing development standards for Alameda Point’s Main Street neighborhood. Among other things, the plan for the 100-acre neighborhood is expected to address reuse of 68 existing “Big Whites” and reconstruction and consolidation of 200 units of housing for formerly homeless people spread out across 34 acres of Alameda Point onto 10 to 12 acres in the Main Street neighborhood.

What’s next: The council will consider leasing the winery a portion of Building 43, at 2440 Monarch Street, on Tuesday. The city already released a request for proposals to plan the Point’s Main Street neighborhood; they’re due October 13, and interviews of firms that submitted proposals are scheduled for October 27.

More information: A staff report and documents associated with the lease are on the city’s website. Details about the request for proposals and the document itself are also on the city’s website. (Alameda Point Info was the original source for the request for proposals information.)


Submitted by moi (not verified) on Tue, Oct 7, 2014

What are "big whites"?

Submitted by 10dB (not verified) on Tue, Oct 7, 2014

"Charge for parking spaces to discourage car ownership" at 1835 Oak Street? What are these guys smoking? Car ownership is already very expensive -- cost of car, cost of gas, cost of insurance (mandatory), cost of registration, property taxes, maintenance, etc, etc, etc. Excuse me, city planners, but people own cars because they NEED to own them. A few bucks more is going to "discourage car ownership?" Very doubtful -- charging for parking spaces at this development will simply have people parking their cars on the street, much like is going to happen at DelMonte...

Submitted by Elisa (not verified) on Tue, Oct 7, 2014

Yeah that's crazy to charge for parking. Get real. Forget about it. There is hardly any street parking around the Del Monte area either, for the already existing residents there who don't have a drive way to park in & Sherman Street is already very busy with very little street parking.

Submitted by Michele Ellson on Tue, Oct 7, 2014

Hey Moi: Sorry for not being clear. The Big Whites are some of the homes that are still on the Point.