Editor's Note: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Editor's Note: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michele Ellson

I’d like to start 2015 off with a note of thanks, to the folks who answered our annual holiday appeal. While our goal is to provide local news and information to all Alamedans, we can’t do it without your support.

As I transition toward a new career this year it’s more critical than ever that we get that support, so The Alamedan can continue publishing long after I am gone. So I am humbled and grateful to everyone who pitched in over the fall and during the holiday season to help keep the news flowing.

My thank-you list for the remainder of 2015 includes Wilson Lau, William Pai, Richard Hausman, Luzanne Engh, Mary Walter, Stephanie Rodriguez, Michael Carney, Shelley Reed, Renae Worthen, Teri Kennedy (in memory of Patricia Radin), Jon Spangler (in memory of Raymond L. Spangler), M. McDonald, Ronald and Alison Limoges, Suzanne Spiersch, James Davis, Diane Coler-Dark, Roger and Patsy Baer, Walter G. Grady, CPA, Ellen V. Florey, Jeannie Graham and Kathryn Duke. Thank you so much for assisting our efforts to keep Alamedans informed and engaged and for helping us pass our annual holiday fundraising goal of $1,000.

With your help, we’ve been able to continue providing coverage of City Hall and your schools and to bring in fresh voices to tell you about development and the local arts scene. We’ll continue to cover rents and housing issues this year, and other big, local issues as they arise.

In response to reader requests, we’re also reinstating a key feature of the site: Our monthly events calendar. Webmaster Jack Boeger has created a user-friendly, self-serve utility allowing you to enter your events onto our new calendar; to register, e-mail me at michele@thealamedan.org and I’ll get you signed up.

We’ll be mounting a stronger fundraising push this year to support our work, which will include some events (like our upcoming Tomatina Dine & Donate fundraiser next Wednesday, January 21), an advertising program and more reminders from us about the importance of supporting local news.

If you’d like to support us today, you can click here to make a single or recurring donation online or send a check to our fiscal sponsor, Community Initiatives, with “Alameda Community News Project” in the subject line. They’re at 354 Pine Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, Calif. 94104.

If you’re interested in joining our team, as a writer, video storyteller or as the site’s editor, e-mail me at michele@thealamedan.org.

Thanks, as always, for supporting The Alamedan and for reading. We’re looking forward to a news-filled 2015.