ELECTION 2014: Results update

ELECTION 2014: Results update

Michele Ellson

Trish Spencer holds a shrinking lead over Marie Gilmore in mayor's race, with the gap between the candidates now at 58 votes, results released Saturday evening by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters show.

The new results reflect an additional 225 Alameda ballots counted. The registrar counted an additional 47,045 ballots on Saturday, results show; as of the release of results Friday, the registrar had about 63,000 ballots left to count, including roughly 39,000 vote by mail ballots and 24,000 provisionals.

Jim Meyers, meanwhile, hung on to a 170-vote lead over Lynn Bratchett for a third seat on the Alameda Health Care District Board.

More to come.


Marie Gilmore (i): 9,719/49.7%
Trish Spencer: 9,777/50.0%


Lynn Bratchett (i): 6,947/21.63
Jim Meyers: 7,117/22.16


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Submitted by Jon Spangler on Sat, Nov 8, 2014

Trish Spencer's current margin matches the 58 write-in ballots shown in the Registrar's current totals:

NP - Trish Spencer 9777 50.00%
NP - Marie Gilmore 9719 49.70%
Write-in 58 0.30%

I wonder how those 58 voters will feel when the final results are posted?