Letter to the Editor: Graduation stats misleading

Letter to the Editor: Graduation stats misleading

Letters to the Editor
Alameda graduation statistics

On May 22nd The Alamedan published a “Vital Statistics” piece on the graduation rates for Alameda public high schools, including our city’s charter schools. While not precisely inaccurate, the stats for Nea Community Learning Center were misleading.

The Alamedan reported 2012-2013 graduation rates for each school based on the number of ninth grade students enrolled at the school in 2009-2010 who then graduated from the school four years later. Nea had only 11 students in this cohort. A handful of these students left for other schools and were replaced by new students. Every school has some students who leave over the course of four years, for reasons like family relocation, and other students who enter the school after their freshman year. For a large school with hundreds of students this turnover barely impacts the graduation rate. But for a small school like Nea such changes can have a huge impact on the figure.

Nea is a fantastic school – I have one child their currently and another will begin in the fall. With a focus on project-based learning, Nea instills a remarkable love for learning among its students. I am overjoyed by how eager my daughter is to go to school almost every day. This learning environment yields results. This year Nea will graduate 21 seniors – all 21 are slated to go to college. Personally, I base my assessment of Nea on these facts.

Jeremy Madsen