Letter to the Editor: We got this one wrong

Letter to the Editor: We got this one wrong

Letters to the Editor
City of Alameda

City management apologizes to the business community for the way in which the business license tax audit was conducted. We heard from many of you and want you to know we listened. As a result of your feedback, we have decided to discontinue the business license audit program through Municipal Auditing Services (MAS).

The business community is a valuable part of the fabric of Alameda, and we view our businesses as partners in the health and vibrancy of our town. We continue to believe, and think you'd agree, that having the proper licenses and permits to operate a business in Alameda is a matter of fairness and in the interest of all existing businesses and the citizens. Reviewing the record not only allows the city to capture past due taxes, it ensures that those of you who do the right thing are not at a competitive disadvantage. Having said that, we understand that a different approach is warranted to ensure compliance with our existing laws.

Going forward, we will consult again with business leaders to develop a program that ensures compliance while also recognizing the sensitivity of your business dealings and information and more importantly, treats our businesses like the partners you are.

Again, please accept our apology and our thanks to those of you who took the time to voice your concerns.

Liz Warmerdam
Assistant City Manager


Submitted by Tom (not verified) on Wed, Feb 26, 2014

Would be nice if she stated what was done wrong !!!!

Submitted by Michele Ellson on Wed, Feb 26, 2014

The city hired a firm to audit existing businesses to see if they owed more in taxes than they paid and to seek out unlicensed businesses in an effort to compel them to obtain licenses. More on that here: http://alamedaca.gov/city-hall/news/2013/10/10/city-auditing-business-li...