Letters to the Editor: Stop bashing the Alameda Sun

Letters to the Editor: Stop bashing the Alameda Sun

Letters to the Editor
Alameda Sun

This letter was published on the Alameda Parents Network listserve and is being reproduced here at the request of its author.

I am ashamed at the vitriol being expressed by so many of you against the Alameda Sun, which is owned locally. Are you trying to take away the owners' income and force the closure of a local business?

I don't know anyone at the Alameda Sun, but I am a retired newspaper editor who sheds a tear every time our country loses another printed publication. And I'm aghast at all the criticism of the Alameda Sun on the same week we saw another free newspaper, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, close its doors after 50 years of serving the Bay Area.

While the Alameda Sun will never win a Pulitzer Prize, it serves our little community with lots of event listings that would be hard to find elsewhere. It also carries some important news stories like the one than ran this week about Alameda Health System becoming insolvent since it purchased Alameda Hospital and San Leandro Hospital. This could be the early death knell for our city's hospital. I didn't see that story in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The only way the Alameda Sun can stay in business is if it able to tell its small but devoted local advertisers that the newspaper is delivered for free to 70,000 residents of the Island City. It's already very, very tough to sell newspaper advertising these days. But if the Sun starts losing subscribers, you can expect - no, you can guarantee - that the paper will go out of business and its East Bay-based owners will lose their source of income.

Would it harm any of you naysayers to spend 30 seconds looking at the paper every week? Maybe you will find a local event that interests you. If you really are allergic to the printed word, I feel sorry for you. But if that's the case, bend down, pick it up and walk it to your trash can. The exercise will do you good. If you are going on vacation, hopefully you have at least one friend in Alameda who can remove it from your front step along with all the free flyers from Kohls.

Don't let this paper die. Instead let's honor the local publishers who print and distribute it to every Alameda resident for free.

Marc Klein


Submitted by king of cheese (not verified) on Tue, Oct 21, 2014

It's a great paper! Enough vitriol. Alamda rocks! Thank you.

Submitted by Carol Fairweather (not verified) on Tue, Oct 21, 2014

I subscribe to The Chronicle, but my favorite paper to read is The Alameda Sun. This is where I find out what's happening right here around me. I look here for local events and local businesses to use. I always check out the coupon for Pagano's and get the skinny on Alameda's newest restaurants. Where else would I hear about local events like public meetings, music at the library (and book sales like this weekend's), as well as city decisions that will shape the future of our base? Thanks, Alameda Sun! You're an Alameda treasure.