Letters to the Editor: What's not to like about new club proposal?

Letters to the Editor: What's not to like about new club proposal?

Letters to the Editor
Harbor Bay Club

To whom it may concern,

My family and I were long-term members of the Harbor Bay Club, but terminated our membership when the club no longer provided me, or my family, with the programs and services we enjoyed and required. Now we are all excited about the prospect of a new, bigger, and expanded Harbor Bay Club and look forward to rejoining upon its completion.

A new club will have increased facilities, such as cardio and weights; group studios; individual Pilates, spin and yoga studios; better locker rooms; expanded day spa; separate day care and after school kids’ club; and a full service café and bar and grill.

Outside will be multiple swimming pools, allowing adult lap swimmers to swim without noise and other distractions in their own pool, little kids to play safely in a kiddie pool, and an outdoor spa for all to enjoy. There will be a family barbecue and picnic area, and tennis area complete with restrooms and a special observation court for tennis playing members.

I work at the Harbor Bay Business Park and I know from speaking with others who work here that many of us are looking forward to having this wonderful amenity available to all Harbor Bay Isle community residents, workers, and visitors.

So I ask: What’s not to like?

Anita Ng


Submitted by Tim Coffey (not verified) on Tue, Sep 23, 2014

Anita: It appears you do not have or have not been provided a complete understanding of what the project entails. This issue is about much, much more than just a club. I suggest you visit the Harbor Bay Neighbors' website (harborbayneighbors.wordpress.com).

Submitted by Erik Miller (not verified) on Tue, Sep 23, 2014

One thing that's not to like is that the Harbor Bay residents who have been able to walk to the club in the location where it's been for decades will no longer be able to do so.

It doesn't matter to you because you will have the club nearer to where you work, but the original agreement with the residents of the Harbor Bay development includes the club being in its current location.

And that's just one thing that's "not to like."

If the developer gets their way and builds hundreds of new residences (which is why they want to demolish the current club and build a new one), Island Drive at commute times will be even more crowded than it is now.

Submitted by Diane Foster (not verified) on Wed, Sep 24, 2014

Tennis players do not want to give up the opportunity to play tournaments in one of the only Clubs that has enough space for these in the East Bay, because the suggested new Club will have fewer courts. Nor do many current Members of the Club want to play or swim or work-out under the constant noise and pollution of the planes landing over their heads at the Airport on an ugly site.
Parents at Earhardt school do not want to give up the After School programs and Camps that the present club provides. AND, Harbor Bay residents do not want more traffic during commute times from up to 160 new homes that the HBIA group hope to have the current site rezoned for.
I've been a member of the Club since 1989 when I purchased my home at Harbor Bay because I wanted to be a part of this lovely community with that planned recreation facility a guaranteed part of it. I've watched as it has not been maintained (to the owner's advantage) in spite of a membership of 4000. Why not have an improved Club exactly where the present Club is?