Neptune Pointe: The flow chart

Neptune Pointe: The flow chart

Michele Ellson
Neptune Pointe

Are you confused by all the hubbub over Neptune Pointe? Find yourself struggling to figure out who's suing who, and why? To make things a little easier for our readers, we've assembled this flow chart that spells out who the players are and how they're engaged in the mega-dispute over this vacant, 3.9-acre federal property across the street from Crab Cove (click to expand; we've also attached the flow chart as a PDF below). For more information, your can check out our full Neptune Pointe coverage here.


Submitted by Aidan Barry (not verified) on Mon, Jul 28, 2014

The flow chart is a great snap shot of the process. Very interesting twists and turns.

Submitted by William (not verified) on Mon, Jul 28, 2014

The chart is useful. If you were to include the various steps that were taken by various parties, it would show a great deal of side stepping, reverse steps and u-turn steps by a few people! :-) It appears through that the steps are moving in the right direction though, and I hope that continues. It would also be of interest to read exactly what will be done with the property by the East Bay Park District once they are cleared to do whatever they want to it.