No BART? How you can get around this weekend

No BART? How you can get around this weekend

Alamedan Staff

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BART is shutting down transbay service this weekend to perform work on its tracks. So how will you get around?

The rail service has set up a "lifeline" bus bridge between its 19th Avenue station in Oakland and San Francisco's temporary Transbay Terminal to transport passengers who can't get across the bay any other way on Saturday and Sunday, when service between West Oakland and San Francisco will be shut down. The service won't cost any more than a BART ticket across the bay, though BART is advising that some passengers should expect delays of one to two hours.

BART will run free shuttle buses between its West Oakland and 19th Street stations every 15 minutes. The rail line is asking passengers to lock their bikes at BART stations, rather than bringing them on what they anticipate will be crowded buses.

Service frequencies in the East Bay and West Bay will increase while transbay service is unavailable.

BART managers are also encouraging cross-bay commuters to use other transit options while the weekend track work is underway.

The San Francisco Bay Ferry has announced plans to double weekend service between Alameda, Oakland and San Francisco, though ferry managers are also urging riders to plan ahead in case the ferries are full. AC Transit will provide its normal weekend transbay service.

BART will also shut down its transbay tracks on September 5, 6 and 7 as part of an effort to rebuild what a BART official is calling "one of the hardest working sections of track" in the BART system. While the shutdowns will be an inconvenience for tens of thousands of riders, BART managers are promising a faster, smoother ride across the bay than riders are experiencing now.

More information - including these travel tips - is available on BART's website. Passengers with questions can call the rail line at 465-2278.

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