Park expansion proponents file ballot language

Park expansion proponents file ballot language

Michele Ellson

A group of locals who want Crab Cove to expand on federal property where houses are proposed to be built has submitted language for a proposed ballot measure to the City Clerk.

The group, Friends of Crown Beach, is hoping to gather the 6,000 signatures it needs to put the measure on the November ballot. The initiative, which would change the zoning for the property to open space, was submitted by Doug Siden, a member of the East Bay Regional Park District board; former City Councilwoman Karin Lucas; and resident Wai-Kuan Woo.

The 3.9-acre McKay Avenue parcel was awarded to Roseville homebuilder Tim Lewis Communities in a federal government auction, and the company has proposed building 48 single family homes there. But those plans stalled when the state said it wouldn't allow the company to use or dig up McKay Avenue to build utilities for the proposed development.

The park district set aside money for the property in a 2008 parks bond, Measure WW, but lost the auction; officials there have questioned the federal government's decision to auction off the property and claimed the land was sold for far more than it was worth. The district sued the city for rezoning the land to permit housing; they have since agreed to attend mediation in an effort to settle the suit.

The group raised $4,800 in December to support the measure; its members hope to begin collecting signatures on February 27.

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Submitted by Don Peterson on Wed, Feb 12, 2014

This mess should of never happened. Now it's time for the people of Alameda to put a stop to this blatant give away to an out of town developer. Don Peterson P.S. if there signs to show support for this effort I would like one.

Submitted by Allison Martin (not verified) on Fri, Feb 14, 2014

@Don Peterson: There are signs! Go to and request one to be dropped off to you.

Submitted by Scott Sheppard (not verified) on Sat, Feb 15, 2014

Although I am a proponent of expanding the park, I would like to see the existing area cleaned up before expansion.

EBRPD has been making strides in this direction as of late.

Submitted by Carey (not verified) on Sat, Feb 15, 2014

Gross incompetence by several levels of government, with the most glaring belonging to Alameda City Hall. Government suing government - all paid by precious tax dollars (great job City Hall for your prudent spending decisions). Alameda City Hall changing the zoning from government to medium residential to support a developer and fight against increased parkland - reeks of corruption. And now the Fed's misuse of authority by invoking eminent domain to fight against a public park .... This is a great story, I wish it wasn't reality in our island city.