POEM: "Butterfly Poem" by Mary Rudge

POEM: "Butterfly Poem" by Mary Rudge

Mary Rudge

Poem appears courtesy of Mary Rudge.

Mary Rudge

When the world was only a word
in the cocoon of time
a filament of silk spun in the cosmic
to web the dimensions of space
with motion, a turning, unwinding,
emerging, beginning of creations all equal,
dust mote and stone, after the stars
before sunbeam in dew sparked an inner light,
there flashed out flecks of delight
with stained glass wings
to flutter in tensile strength
refracting rainbows, reflecting all that is

And in the rite of passage, leaving the flower
of the world in full bloom
beyond decay, released to sky,
even we, transformed,
leap from a body’s spun threads
to butterfly flight.