The Update: More litigation over federal property planned

The Update: More litigation over federal property planned

Michele Ellson

THE STORY: The East Bay Regional Park District and environmentalists are battling to halt plans to develop 48 homes on a 3.9 acre property across the street from Crab Cove, which the federal government is in contract to sell to developer Tim Lewis Communities. So far, two lawsuits have been filed over the property and plans to develop it, and local parks lovers have qualified a measure for the ballot that would prohibit housing development there.

THE LATEST: Members of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, which oversees development of the Bay Area’s coastline, voted Thursday to initiate a third lawsuit – this one against the federal government, which is asking the courts for permission to take McKay Avenue through eminent domain. In a January 27 letter to the General Services Administration – which auctioned off the former U.S. Department of Agriculture site to Tim Lewis – Executive Director Lawrence J. Goldzband said the commission’s determination that it wouldn’t need to conduct a review of the sale didn’t extend to the government’s plans to take McKay Avenue.

WHAT’S NEXT: The commission’s suit to compel the review remains to be filed. Meanwhile, the City Council is set to receive a report on the impacts of the proposed local ballot measure by July 1.

MORE INFORMATION: Our latest on the ballot measure is here, and our story about the federal government’s plan to sue for control of McKay Avenue, here. This story lays out the basics of the dispute.