Alameda County Registrar of Voters

Alamedans have experienced a week of suspense as they wait for all the votes to be counted in the super-close mayor’s race.

The fall election season kicks off Monday with the opening of the nomination period for local offices.

Anyone interested in running for mayor or for one of two open City Council seats has until August 7 to submit their nomination paperwork to the City Clerk’s office. The deadline will be extended to August 13 if incumbents choose not to run for those offices, but that seems unlikely as both Mayor Marie Gilmore and Councilman Stewart Chen have announced plans to run for re-election.

“Are you trying to get registered to vote?” Ruth Dixon asks a student venturing shyly toward the League of Women Voters of Alameda’s table in the quad at St. Joseph Notre Dame High School at the end of a noisy lunchtime rush. When the 17-year-old student nods, Dixon whisks her into a chair and hands her a pen and a voter registration form.