Alameda Health System

Residents who attended a public information session Thursday on a proposal for Alameda Hospital to become an affiliate of the county medical system wanted to know more about the financial health of the county system, whether they would continue to pay the parcel tax they’re charged each year to support the hospital – and whether the parking problems that already exist there will get worse.

Alameda Hospital’s board unanimously signed off on a proposal Monday to explore a deal that would see Alameda County’s medical system taking over management and operation of the financially ailing hospital, a deal board members said they’re optimistic about despite the circumstances that produced it. The deal could be closed by the end of this year.

Health Care District Board member Robert Deutsch said the he and other hospital staffers have long marveled at the hospital’s ability to survive on its own as the number of freestanding community hospitals has dwindled.

Alameda Hospital’s board will consider pursuing a deal to hand over management of the financially ailing hospital to Alameda County’s health system, a deal the hospital’s top manager says will provide the cash needed to keep its doors open.

The Alameda Health Care District Board meets tonight to discuss approval of a non-binding letter of intent to pursue a merger with the Alameda Health System, and the county health system’s board is set to discuss it Tuesday. A deal could be closed by the end of this year.