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Watching the news, “the faltering economy, the Occupy Movement, the 99 percent” resonated with artist Gabriele Bungardt, inspiring her to create “American Working Man,” a series of more than a dozen acrylic paintings. These works are on display at Spritzers Cafe.

The Altered Paintings Project is at REDUX through June 9. Photos by Michael Singman-Aste.

Andrew “Fitz” Fitzpatrick has exhibited some God-awful paintings at REDUX Studios & Gallery over the past few years. At least they started off that way: garage sale castaways he rescues and bestows a touch of irony. His altered paintings were a hit in the group shows “Value Added: Art on Reclaimed Surfaces” in December 2011 and “Your Friends & Neighbors” in August 2012, a credit to “his combination of humor and craftsmanship,” according to Chris Rummell, manager at REDUX. Inspired in part by those works, REDUX opened “The Altered Paintings Project” on April 12.

Click the photo above to see the slideshow; photos courtesy of the artist. Artist photo by Michael Singman-Aste.

When photographer André Hermann knows he’s going to be shooting, he favors the high-end Canon EOS 5D Mark II. That firepower is called for in his commissioned work, or when he was completing his MFA thesis at the Academy of Art, for which he photographed a little boy with the genetic connective tissue disease Epidermolysis bullosa.

David Burke at the opening of “Pump & Dump Prosperity.” Photo by Michael Singman-Aste. Click the photo for a slideshow featuring David Burke's art.

When David Burke returned from a year and a half in Thailand last year, he felt a “fracture.” While there, “I gave myself permission to indulge myself with the landscape, made paintings that celebrated the beauty of the landscape," he says. "During that time I reconnected with the natural world and fell in love with it.” Upon his return he found himself “mourning the loss of it.”