Estuary Crossing Shuttle

Traveling on foot or bicycle through the tunnels that connect Alameda’s West End with downtown Oakland is a loud, soot-covered experience, and commute hour car traffic can be a hassle. But shuttle services provided by the City of Alameda and developers looking to fulfill their responsibility to manage tube traffic provide another option.

Caltrans is preparing to make some fixes to the Posey Tube that could make commuting it a little easier for pedestrians and cyclists. But cyclists here said the work is only a small start on what needs to be done.

“Honestly, there is pretty much nothing they can do to the tube that will entice me, personally, to ride or walk through it again on a regular basis,” cyclist Cyndy Johnsen said.

Johnsen said she used to ride her bike through the tube from Oakland every day to get to a job in Marina Village. But Johnsen, now an Alameda resident, said the noise and poor air there are “just too much.”

The Alameda Firefighters Association is holding its 14th Annual Halloween Pumpkin Patch from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, October 22 on the west lawn of Franklin Park, 1432 San Antonio Avenue. At the event, which is for children ages 3 to 10 children can receive a free pumpkin while supplies last along with goodies, do crafts and check out fire engines and trucks. Participants must be Alameda residents.