Harvey Milk Day

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Broad Brush, your weekly Alameda headline review. Here’s what happened on the Island this week.

The Planning Board considered approvals for a 31-unit apartment building for low-income seniors proposed to be built as part of the Del Monte warehouse development.

More than 100 dancers from Alameda and Encinal high schools glided, stomped, and twirled across the gym floor at Alameda High School on May 21 in celebration of the sixth annual Alameda Harvey Milk Day Celebration.

Anne Kronenberg was a typist in her early 20s when Harvey Milk asked her to manage his 1977 campaign for San Francisco supervisor. And over the months Kronenberg worked as campaign manager and then aide to the larger-than-life Milk – the first openly gay man elected to political office in the United States – he became a political mentor, father figure and friend whose passion for equality left a lasting mark on society.

“That’s what he gave his life for. He truly, truly was a martyr for the cause,” Kronenberg said during Alameda’s Fourth Annual Harvey Milk Day celebration, which was held Monday at Encinal High School.