Nelson's Marine

Mike Connelly worked to restore his 37-foot sailboat at Nelson’s Marine for three years. He found out the Alameda Point boat yard was being evicted less than two weeks before the Alameda County Sheriff came to padlock its gates.

Connelly’s boat isn’t yet sea worthy – he figures his restoration project has about six months to go. But even if she were, his boat is blocked by other boats that are still on the premises, some of whose owners may not even know Nelson’s was shut down.

“It’s kind of a crazy mess,” Connelly said.

Updated at 8:04 p.m. Tuesday, April 30

The city is seeking to evict Nelson’s Marine from its perch on Alameda Point. The sheriff’s office could padlock the boat repair yard’s gates today, the head of a nonprofit rescue group that’s based there said.

Ray Thackeray of the International Rescue Group said an attorney hired by the city e-mailed him to let him know the boat yard was being shut down and the gates locked this week.